Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wow I'm not good at updating

I am not doing so well updating, but no one really is reading this, so does it matter?

No? I didn't think so!

Well we (the Hardin family) have been busy. Travis lost his job, so he's been doing things around the house (kind of nice) and joined the Shelby Co. Fire Department (kind of nice). The kids have had a ton of different doctors/dentist/eye appointments. Woo Hoo shuttling them around! We also just started going to a new church, so I am busy doing thems with them, and the Laides Auxiliary at the Fire Department. School starts in August, and I am beyond ready. I have 1 more year...2 more semesters and I am done. No more school until I decide I want to go back! Yeah! Well I will try to get more people to read this and update it more often NEW GOALS! Hehehe!